Bamboo Oil Torches

£18.00 £36.00

Outdoor Bamboo Oil Torches. Simply put in the ground, fill up with oil and light the wick.

Available in 3 heights:

BOT60 60cm tall - fill each one with 150ml lamp oil - 75p each - Burns approx. 3.5 hours

BOT120 120cm - fill each one with 150ml lamp oil - £1.50 each - Burns approx. 3.5 hours

BOT140 140cm - fill each one with 500ml lamp oil - £4.50 each - Burns approx. 9 hours

***Mixed light natural bamboo and cinnamon brown bamboo pack***.

Replacement Wicks are available here. The small ones are for the 60cm and 120cm and the Large is for the 140cm Bamboo Torch.

Oil is not included. Please purchase separately here.

The 60cm and 120cm size are discontinued and available whilst stocks last