Hurricane Lamps


Glass Hurricane Lamps that are ideal for holding pillar candles. We also have a 9cm size for holding tealights.

They are strong base and flare out slightly at the top. Can be used with candle sand to hold the candle in place, to help absorb the heat and to catch potential wax drips.

They are available in various sizes. Please select the height of the hurricane you wish to get. Full dimensions and recommendations below.

  • H: 9cm x D: 6cm - Recommended: Tealights
  • H: 15cm x D: 10.5cm - Recommended: 58x 80mm Pillar
  • H: 19cm x D: 13.5cm - Recommended: 58 x 150mm Pillar
  • H: 25cm x D: 15cm - Recommended: 58 x 150mm Pillar
  • H: 30cm x D: 18cm - Recommended: 68 x 200mm Pillar
  • H: 40cm x D: 21cm - Recommended: 80 x 300mm Pillar